Tuesday. 7th January. 1851. 19 Charlton St.
Mild, and damp, clouded, streets very muddy.
0117-copyI slept tolerably well last night.
Mr H. went to his office, he looks very thin & feeble; but abhors
sympathy, or affectionate enquiries.
Spent two hours writing to Maria Hasbrouck.
Julia gave me some music in the evening. She played too
fast, but with good expression.
I attempted to walk, but found it too wet & muddy.
Wednesday. 8th January. 1851.
Clear, and pleasant, not too cold.
My plans for this fine day,
were numerous. As soon as G. got off to his office, I dressed
and went to walk for exercise. My fingers, became frozen, and
nose ditto.
called on Mrs Mary Smith, she was from home . Paid as long
visit to Mrs Chenery. She looks young and pretty, to be the wife,
and mother of such a group. My calls there are not always
in the night time. The parlours were in confusion; and the
children would follow their mother to the cold rooms. I did
not see the Times.
Henry, and Maria , were waiting for me. I gave them pickled
oysters, and Cake. The Miss Baileys paid me an agreable
visit, they are pleasant girls. Cornelia L. is shut up with
her father this winter.
Dr Hutton, was my next visitor. he looks well, but gave me a sad
account of his sick family. Mrs H.has the erysipeles [sic], very badly.
and poor Joanna Holmes is declining with Consumption.
Little Allen, his lame son, is better.
Mr H. came in to dinner very hungry, but was too cross,
when he found his oysters roasted, instead of stemed [sic]. How
difficult to suit those, who look for faults,; not virtues. I prepared
the food most proper for an invalid, but my good motives
like the fine oysters, were unappreciated.