PART II of 8th
Julia, and Remsen went to Jane Marshalls, to pass the evening.,
Miss Tileston and brother came for them. They danced untill
12 oclock, had supper at 11. Remsen wore his fathers watch.
was anxious to go & dressed with alacrity; and neatness. Julia
looked sweet, and was full of girlish glee.
I retired at eleven, having spent the evening in the basement
alone with Louis. He did not wish to go to the party.
I gave him refreshments at home.
Purchased a pair of Lamp Scissors for Ann. 2.6d
[Rigale] myself on Oranges and white grapes, left from the 1St

Thursday. 9th January. 1851.
Dark, raining & freezing.
I arose without much anima.
tion this morning, felt dull & troubled, with pains.
Am compelled to suffer in silence; and smile to hide my
grief. The sympathys of my mind, always go with
my body, if one is chilled , the other is also cold. They
cannot exist separated, the spirit, and the source, demand the
charms of true, and holy lore; this is the charm of my soul.

Go over my house, put all things in order; and then
take a nice warm bath, to soothe my system. This is truly
a luxury. My appetite has been too good, and I should
wish to wean myself from too much rich food.

Friday. 10th January. 1851.
Charming day, not damp, or cold.
Mr H. would not shave, and looked
miserable, thin, and haggard. I went to visit with Julia, we
rode to “Chelsea” to wish Mother a “happy New Year.” Found Mrs Smith
passing the day; Julia staid to dinner. We called on Mrs Willard,
Miss Babcocks, and Mrs Woodruffs, found Miss Hornblower, and
the Miss Cummings with her. Their room was intensely hot.
I shortened my stay, as the heat affected me ; burnt my face.
and gave me the head.ache.
Returned home, paid Mr Sherwood 3$ for my black veil.
Took these spools of cotton. 1 shilling.
Dined with Louis & Remsen on most roast beef & apple.pie.
G came in after dinner. Found fault with me for rideing
to Chelsea instead of walking; thinks I take too little exercise.
Closed my letter to Eugene, and sent it by post to Savannah.