Sunday. 12th January. 1851.
Mild, and lovely day.
I went to church with the boys,
and Julia. felt very dull, and sleepy during service. Mr H.
monotonous, and not eloquent. The truth of Christianity his subject.
I did not go out after dinner; sent the children. G. much
improved, but does not walk out as usual, feels too weak & full of
worriness [sic]. He ate cakes this morning for the first time in four
weeks. The night sweats, seem to be broken, as he sleeps much
more natural than he did. Nitrol drops, seem efficacious in this

Monday. 13. January. 1851.
A charming day, like May. Streets dry & walking fine.
I took Nanny to shop, we purchased
a tea kettle, 22 shillings. Returned home much tired by my
excursion. No calls this fine day. employed myself sewing.
Sent Nanny to collect my bills, dread to see them, milliners in
[part__near] Dined alone with Julia, we then prepared to walk.
I left her at Rima’s. Mrs Smith called in my absence.
Changed my Kettle for a larger size 3 $.
Mr Cornell, returned home with Julia, they are both too young,
and too well pleased with each other. What can I do!!

Jane came in, prevented Julia from practicing her music.
H. [Horace] and Laura, came in at nine oclock, I was obliged to re.dress,
_______ prepared for tea, they sat until ten.
Laura pleased me moiré than ever; she is fascinateing [sic] & polished.
Mr H. keeps [to] the basement room, his cold indisposes him
for society.
A splendid moonlight, mild as May.