Tuesday. January. 14. 1851.
A delightfull day, like Spring.
The sky was beautiful this morning, pink and bright blue.
I dressed at eleven, and went up to 11th St. Called on Mrs
Varick, she was too unwell to see company. Susan from home.
Sat an hour with Mrs Moore, she had a room full of visitors.
Was introduced to Mrs [Bostwick], Miss Gillingham[,] that was
Jenny Lind, admired her singing; and often sent for her.
I stopped at Mrs Leggetts, left my card. Rode home and
took my lunch, and lemonade.
Mr H. borrowed a book from me, a shocking tale of the Crusades.
We sent for our bills to night, paid Mrs Falconer, Bloodgood, Sayers
Middleton, [Lorines]. G. is settling up a;; our out.standing debts.
I was ashamed of the Milliners bill. She is so extravagant in her
Wrote a note of apology to Catharine, could not go up there alone.
Purchased a tin kettle and molasses cup for the kitchen 3 shi. 6d.

Wednesday. Jan. 15. /50.
Mild as Indian Summer.
I dressed and rode down to see Laura,
sat a few moments with Bell, she is hoarse and sick with the
remains of a cold, but chatted with her usual loveliness. She rode
up town and I went to see L.[Laura Lawrence, Horace’s wife] found her packing up her trunk.
Pitied the poor young thing, a petulant husband, cross child, and no
new friend to fly to for sympathy. His lot has been made dark, by
his own misconduct, and is blighted by his passions, and
the deceptions of years. I wish them both safe at home;
where they should ever after remain. Could not evade his
escort home, found on getting out at Canal St, my sun shade was
broken, stopped at Bells to get it mended.
Susan Chenery, came in for Julia, to pass the evening, but she
was engaged to Mrs Ruton. Rima also called in to secure her
for to.morrow. Mr Woodworth, came around at nine oclock,

for her music, I gave it to him, although in *dishabille.
Garret, complains of his head, walking fatigues him makes him
very pale. He went to bed at seven oclock. I sat up until
ten, Julia did not return home until after eleven oclock.
I regret these late hours & engagements, but can not stop
them, without disappointment to all.
My back ached when I retired to my pillow. fatigued myself
too much this morning. Purchased a lace collar for Julia, 3 shi.

*dishabille: the state of being dressed in a casual or careless style