Thursday. 16. January. 1851.


















Bright, and mild, a summers sky.
We were all in readiness for the stage.
Julia looks pale from late hours.
I put my rooms in order, looked for guests this morning.
They have not arrived yet if they so not come soon I shall
take a walk for my health.
My appetite is good, but my head is heavy and mouth bitter
5 gallons in the morning, this calls for medicine; dieting, and exercise.
Oil to day. Sewing steadily does not agree with my poor back, my
complexion seems better this month past. This is a com-
fort in the midst of discomforts.
Went out tp get Julia’s sun shade, paid 3 shilling for mending.
Mr H purchased “Coopers works” 20$.

Friday. 17. January. /1851.
A fine day, unpleasant in the morning.
I sat down this morning, thought some
one might happen in but one arrived.
Walked out with Mr H. after dinner, for the first in 5 weeks.
Mrs Smith came in , wanted me to go down town with her
I declined. She invited Julia for to.morrow.