0124-copyMonday. 20th Jan. /1851.
Snow, rain, sleet and mud.
A dull showering morning.
The weather moderated in the night.
Julia in time for the stage.
My head better, slept well last night.
G., kissed me adieu, asked me if it was sweet, I could have wished the sweetness more durable; but answered yes with a sad smile.
Sat down to my work. Read some of Miss May’s,
“treasured thoughts”, find them my own thought in other, people’s words. How well they apply to many things. Nanny dressed my hair, while I read, this kept my brain in motion.
I want something to amuse, and carry me from off my “brooding train of ills.”
Will try to be gay, and cheerfull, my face is a tell.tale , and often express the inward turmoil.