0125-copyTuesday 21st Jan. 1850 [sic]
A fine morning, bracing air.
After G. left, I walked to “Wellers”
felt weak, went in took some jelly, it did not taste good.
Purchased paper, and some notes paper.
My head ached in doors, spirits dull & gloomy. Walked again
after dinner and before also.
Mr H. went up town, wished me to walk with Julia.
She went alone to Broadway, “Mr C.” escorted her home. I went
after her but could not find her. Susan Chenery came in
with us, borrowed some books.
Maria came in from Chelsea, the Miss Babcocks and Miss
Kymes. Maria invited me to Mrs Woodruffs to tea, to
meet a few friends. I was in the dumps, and thought
the acceptance impossible.
The ladies left early. An invitation was handed from a carriage
by Miss Schofield, for a large ball to be given by her.
I related our invites at dinner, Mr H. wished me to go
to Mrs Woodruffs with Julia. He is more willing to gratify her.
than he was his bride, in the matter of ________. [?]