0125-copyWednesday. 22nd 1850.
Heavy showers of rain, mild as Spring.
I arose later than usual, all had
finished their breakfast, when I descended to the basement.
A long conversation with G. he retracts the unkind [accusations]
of Saturday & Sunday; and lifts the weight of lead from my heart.
The happiness which is destroyed by the passions of the unjust,
and _______, cannot survive too many strokes. Many have fallen on ____
Still I must dream on, and try to forget the past.
Peace must be mine, to live with out love, is worse than with.
I will yet ry to be cheerfull, and happy; God sends me these
bitter trials, “his will be done.”

0126-copyI went with Julia to Mrs Woodruffs at seven oclock in the carriage.
All our anticipations of a pleasant meetings of friends, was
destroyed, Mrs W. being unable to sit up; a nervous head.ache,
sending her almost frantic. She poured out coffee in her
sick.gown, and then went to bed.
My evening was dull, I longed for home. Miss Hornblower,
“Bell, the Miss Cummings, Miss Savage, Maria Mrs S. and a
Mr Anderson formed our party. The children interested me
more than the young ladies; who appeared listless, [en_____], and
dull. Julia too seemed disappointed.
I left at ten, and passed the time until our carriage came
at mothers. She was looking very well; Pa better of his
pains. Catharine, sick with the influenza. The most
lively part of our evening we passed there.
I was plainly dressed, this was a fine feature for me.
G. in bed, it was twelve before I took my ______ on
the pillow. I must be nervous, as this fitting done me
good, although the evening was not what I hoped.
Isabella sent a refusal. Judge Woodruff always hospitable, and kind.