Thursday. 23rd Jan. 1850.
Charming, after the showers of yesterday. Mild.
I was the last down this morning. I indul.
ges me, as the bell rings early. Every thing is bright now,
M is cheer full [sic], the dark cloud has passed over, Oh may it
never return. I pray for the angel of mercy, to defend us.
My head does not ache much I put my
faith in exercise. Walked up to Mrs Bloodgoosds. She promises
to arrange Julia’s dress. Complains as usual.
Was tired on my return. Sat down to rest my.self.
Nanny, tells me she thinks of going back to Father Mc Quade’s
I feel loth [sic] to part with her, she is so nice & pretty.
Cannot think which is best to give her up, or Big Ann.


Friday. 24th January. 1851.
A pleasant day.
I looked for Isabell to dinner.
Went out to walk, purchased oil silk, elastics, and box for Nanny.
4 shil, 6 d.
Had Julia’s light silk ripped up to turn.
Walked with Julia after dinner. Mr C. gallonted her home.
Jane, passed the evening with her. Louis & Remsen rude
in the parlour. Clarence fell and cried.
I came up to make peace.
Gave Nanny leave to go to “Madison,” but dislike to part from her.
Have her promise to come to me, when I send for her.

Saturday. 25th January. 1851.
A lovely day.
We were pleased to find the day so
fine. Julia went with me to call on Mrs Wells, and Aunt Gardinier
Found them both at home.
Mother & Maria, called in my absence.
I walked with Mr H. and Julia after dinner. Left them soon
and returned home fatigued.
Purchased a nice kitchen table to day. paid 13 shil. Cherry.