Sunday. 26th January. 1851.
0128-copyCharming day. Like June.
I was busy to.day. Wrote a note to
Maria, to apologize for Julia not writing her to go to Mrs Woods.
Dressed and went to call on Mrs Priestly, not at home; left
my card. Sat an hour with Mrs Smith; lent her some pa.
pers. My appetite good at dinner.
Went with Julia to look at Cards, engaged some to be engraved.
Mr H. gave me the money to pay for them.
Bought some envelopes. 18 d.
Gave Miss Lawrence, for her poor boys. 3. shillings.
Music, and [cuadry] Julia 25. 6d. [Fi hi polker.]
My eyes almost worn out, and patience too reading
“David Copperfield”. Dickens prosy work.

Tuesday. 28th January. 1851.
Dull, and rain at non.
I arose before G. took a hearty break fast.
Went with him down Broadway, ordered a new plate for my
Cards. and residence on it. 3 $. 25.
1 hundred for Julia. 1 $. 50
Returned home, arranged my room.
Wrote an apology to Miss Scolfield; sent by Nanny Quin.

Wednesday. 29. January. 1851.
0129-copyDamp and dull morning.
Our cards came home nicely printed, paid 4$ 75.cts.
Clearing off very cold to night. Pipes frozen stiff.
I ran a few blocks for exercise.

Thursday. 30th Jan. 1851.
Extremely cold, wind cuts like a knife.
I took a very cold bath, dressed warm, and
rode to Chelsea. All well except Pa, who still keeps [to] the house
with rheumatism. Looks very miserable.
At two oclock, Henry put me in a stage, I flew how to
get close to my fire. C. read me a letter from Eugene,
he mentioned the receipt of mine.
Julia coughs badly, and seems quite unwell, although! she ____
no weakness. Damp feet, open dress, and leaveing [sic] off furs
have been the foundation, I fear.

Friday. 31st January. 1851.
Mr H’s birth.day. 41.
The weather still severe, but moderates before night, this is
pronounced the coldest day of this season.
A pain in my back, with other distressing accompaniments
make me feel sad to.day. Cold hip baths, will not mend
my complaints; or rather cure them.
Walked morning and noon, with difficulty and pain.
Julia coughed, and read David Copperfield.
I eat [sic] Crullers to day, delightfull ones.
Margaret has another sore finger, very troublesome to me,
Nanny does the cooking.
Gave G. some kisses for his birth.day. He surveys himself with
much satisfaction in the glass. has gained [1] lbs. and chews no
Tobacco. Begins to look fresh & well.