0130-copySaturday. 1st February. 1851. 19 Charlton St. N. York
Mild and moderateing for snow.
I had some troublesome times with the boys, they
are so fond of play and the Bat.
Walked with Julia at 12. cold and piercing at times,
then the sun would come out warm, and bright.
She took the stage, dined with her grandmother, came home
before tea. Spent the evening with Susan Chenery, alone.
I read “Copperfield” until my eyes ached, could do nothing
usefull. Went alone to walk after dinner. G. took the boys
up to Weirs.
Louis makeing his new theatre, much to my regret. His
hands disfigured by sores.
Mrs Smith called during my absence. G. makeing up his [yearly]

Sunday. 2nd Feb. 1851.
Ground covered with Snow falling until noon.
Mild again, Croton pipes melted; much
to my delight. We could not go to Church, I took a tepid
bath. Do not feel well to.day. my back painfull.
G. writing up his books in my room, I do not like this
mode of passing the Sabbath.
He told me of a gift of 5 $. to a poor girl, not wisely be-
stowed I feared. as it was not virtue in distress but vice.
I gave the boys a bible lesson, they learnt it it pretty well.
Julia too busy all day. She wrote a composition on “Friendship”.
Dined heartily on Turkey. My appetite too good, for a
[water cone patient]
Cried on Garrets neck, for my aches and pains. Intend to
consult Dr Rodgers. But know myself there is no cure for me
A new back, is the only remedy.