Monday. 3rd February. 1851.
0131-copy Warm, snow melting away, Mud [humps].
I took my bath, and attempted to walk
came home in despair, the wet streets frightened me.
Finished David Copperfield passed the morning in tears.
Walked with G. after dinner not to go out with him
again, unless the streets are dry. He frets too much, about
trifles, worse to hear than mud. My dress but little soiled
and I am so silent, or become so from nesscessity [sic], that it
fatigues me to converse, and my ideas come slow, stupid enough
when they get to my lips.
Friday. 4th February. 1851.
Mild as spring damp and misty.
Soon our winter will be over, Snow
already disappears. Julia too late for the stage, walked to school.
I took my cold water hip bath, pain in my back all day.
Walked a few blocks; the mud sent me home.
Sent Nanny Quin to mothers with some Crullers. for
Pa. Nanny left us to.day; she returned to Madison to Mr Mc
Quade. We all parted from her with regret, she is amiable,
and good. Bridget, came to take her trunk, looks thin.

I shall miss her N.s sweet smile; smiles rave in our house.
Julia walked out with Susan; her cough troublesome.
Mr Christian passed the evening. Made Julia play some pieces.
She invited him to pass Friday evening.
Margaret our cook, asks for the wages due her, our two
months absence in the country. I think her claim,
absurd, as she refused to go , on the plea of nursing her sister.
and obliged me to hire Nanny in her place. For what service
do we owe her, or on what basis can she found her demand.
Big Ann, requires matching her, habits are dirty.
I wish, another Nanny Foley would cross my path.