Wednesday. 5th February. 1851.
Mild, and damp. Rain threatening.
We arose early this morning, my sleep un.
sound. G. restless. comfortable too warm.
G, does not think it proper to pay Margaret. called it an
A letter from the Ridge from Benjamin.
I feel better, less pain, or weakness. But must get
over two unpleasant consultations, the Dr, and dentist.
Before my toilette was finished Maria came in to pass the
day. I left her to read and went out to walk, found the streets
much more passable than they have been.
We dined heartily on beef.steak. Garret pressed his beer on
Maria, who drank it. She looks very thin; and sallow; no
trace of youth left.
Julia went to walk with her after dinner. I went out with G.
we met Ferdinand in Canal St. G. put Maria on the stage.
Julia’s cough continues, but she seems to brave it out.
I met Mrs Gee, this morning, did not know her, she looked
so sallow and altered.
Mr H. is much engaged in the “Red Rover”. Engaged some ________
to. night for mantel piece. “Graces and other Statuary. $30.

Thursday 6th February. 1851.
From Luther & Hampton Snow, but clear before night. Cold and blustering.
Sugar . 14 lbs I was busy about the house and closets this
B. Sugar. 14 lbs morning, fatigued myself. Took a fine warm bath, and
_____ 25 lb went to bed, slept until two oclock.
Candles. 2 lbs Commenced a letter to Margaret; wrote after dinner also..
Eggs. 2 __ Julia went to invite Rima to tea to.morrow evening. Came home
Molasses. much disappointed as bother Rima and her beaus was engaged.
Vinegar. She was cross all the evening, her regret was so intense. I felt
Broom. for her, but could say nothing consoleing [sic].
I washed my dirty boys before they went to bed. Louis has a
sore finger and Remmy a cold. A fine Reality unlooked for in G.