Friday. 7th February. /1851. 19 Charlton St. N.Y.
0133-copy Mild as spring. Streets dry.
How many changes of climate, and how
thank full I am to escape Cold, and sickness this winter.
If I had a new back, and new front , or face all would be well.
Finished my letter to Margaret, Garret took it to the
post office. Gave Remsen an excuse to day, and yesterday. Louis
also for Latin.
Took my cold water wash in the basin. Done some cleaning
of closets also. Walked to Middletons, was measured for Mock
boots. The morning pleasant; but my walk too long.
I went to bed on my return.
Carried the brandy up stairs. 5 gallon. demi john. full.
Miss Marshall, Chenery, Mr Christian, Teft, and ___. Chenery, spent the evening
with Julia. They romped terribly, and had a fine time. I played
one set cotillions. All left at eleven oclock.
Susan alone took tea, we had a fine table, and ate hearty.

Saturday. 8th Feb. 1851.
Intensely cold all through this day.
I arose late; our late.
Mr H. gave Louis, & Remsen, 10 shillings each for spending money.
Julia, went up to Mrs B.s [Bloodgood], had her light chine [sic] silk, trimmed.
From there went to her grandmothers, sat until dinner; rode home.
She went after dinner to see, Miss Tileston; Fanny the pretty girl.
I walked out with Mr H., overtook him on the corner. We went
to Burtons, to get Mrs [Goves] water cure book. A muff kept my
hands warm, this morning they ached, I could have cried.
Ferdinand & Bell, came in after tea, to pass the evening.
Both fat, and hearty I had looked for her all the week to pass
the day. G. came in from a long walk, we had beer, wine, cake and
apples. Isabell & G. compared fat.
Remsen spent 12 shillings for an Accordian. Brought it up for
his Aunt Bell, to admire.
C. sent me word, that William Hill, was dead. 46 years of age.