Sunday. 9th February. 1851.
0134-copySnow, sleet, rain, ic, every thing unpleasant.
Garret persuaded me to take a dose of rhubarb. as he
found I was getting a cold; my palate a little inflamed. I sent to get
the dose and took it down[,] thinking I required it very much.
It made me sick, faint for a time during the operation.
Margaret, gave me camphor, I went to bed and fell asleep. awoke quite
Mr H. took the boys to Church, Julia’s cold is too bad to admit of
her going out in this storm. She seems to have increased her cough,
and keeps me in constant anxiety, is so careless of her feet.

Monday. 10th Feb. 1851.
Damp, and overcast, moderate.
We were all lazy, the stage came before Julia,
could finish her break fast. I came down late to my tea & toast.
My medicine affected me this morning; sleep disturbed; chills
running over me; mouth parched.
The pain in my back has left me, and the other attendant
Complaint; this is good news.
I walked out but soon returned home, the ground was damp.
Mr H. engaged reading Coopers Pilot
Julia studying, every one still, quaker meeting.