valTuesday. 11th Feb. 1851.
Clear and high winds.
I took some exercise this damp morning.
Mr H. came home early, had eaten oysters, & twice Beer.
Did not dine with us, went to 20th St.
I was very hungry, enjoyed my dinner.
Went out with Julia walk, the wind blew damp and cold, I was happy to get home tired enough, but not blown up.
Julia practiced her music all the evening. Louis Remsen studied their lessons. G. walked out; I took my Chemise to finish. So not to get through much sewing in the day.time.
We retired early. The moon shone bright as day. Julia coughed an hour after going to bed, it disturbed me to hear it.
G. awoke me, I called him a “Country Boy”. laid awake two hours.
Dreamed G. had become a Divine & retired to the country.

Wednesday. 12th Feb. 1851.
Clear, and fine atmosphere.
We were up [__ times]; and my poor
little girl, hurried off to school, I trembled for her future health.
Nothing keeps her from her school.
Mr H. went to market, he sat some time in the basement.
I took my bath in the basin, and prepared to walk.
G. declined going with me.
I went to Canal St. purchased lace and buttons for Julia s [sic] silk $1.50
very unwillingly, as she takes all my spare cash.
Met G. he turned and took me to Hudson St. Would have
passed me, had I not escorted him first. The effects of
loseing [sic] youth and beauty.
List Sent Ann to the Store for groceries.
Buckwheat. Catharine came in to dinner, had been to see Rima and Mrs Smith. I went to Broadway, after dinner put C. in a stage and returned home, cold, had been so all day. A Pain in my stomach; interesting only to myself. It seems a folly to note all our pains.
Figs. Box
Oranges. 1 dozen
Lemons . 1/2 doz
Sugar. 3 _
Crackers. 3. lbs
Thursday. 13th Feb. 1851.
A fine day, beautifull, more mild than it was..

I took my morning walk.
Went out after dinner, with Julia. We went in to Mr Moore’s, Julia
bought a pair of eareings [sic] for every day wear 12 shil. Exchanged an old
gold chain for a pair of Turquoise, $6.12. Left her bracelet to be mended.
She was delighted with her purchase. But as usual her, father
does not like them, put her quite out of her good humour.
I think them very pretty, and could not bear to dampen the
the [repeated word] pleasure a the child; by such unspareing [sic] blame. G. is too
serene at times in “trifles light as air”. My taste gives him [fits]
equal in strength to Tip’s. He despises any thing like [economy].

Friday 14. Feb. 1851.
A Valentines day.
Superintended the cleaning of my
bed rooms. had the window washed. Took a short walk, bought
some Valentines, to send in the country. 50 \.cts.
Julia received a pretty one from Mr Van Nest, we think.
Remsen, has one from Susan. I was tormented all the
afternoon by them; to send comic valentines. Said No.
Mr H. treated himself to a lovely groupe [sic] of ladies;
Cold Valentines to my taste.
“History, Astronomy, Two Back______, & the “Graces”.
They all smell of paint, and almost make me sick.
It rains, and the damp air makes them still more
offensive to me; my head aches at this moment. I wish
the hatefull things were full of rose leaves, not paint.