0141-copySaturday 22nd Feb. 1851
Washingtons birthday.

A dull morning, but the sun soon burst forth giving us a spring day, mild and beautifull. I was happy to find it clear as so many look for pleasure on this day. It was kept with the greatest enthusiasm by all classes. Broadway was thronged and its bells & ___ reminded me of the fourth of July. The procession was very handsome; and the illuminations & fire works gave great satisfaction.
I walked out twice, to regain my strength but by my weakening complaint: nothing but debility, no ___.
Julia, was out all day, went to get her bracelet, then to see Mrs Smith, from there to Rima’s, and there to Miss Van Blevcoms. We walked after dinner, I felt unwilling to meet the throngs in Broadway, and placed Julia under Mr & Mrs Anelli’s care. They went up to 21st Street, and then took on ice.cream on their return home. Mr & Mrs A. spent an hour with me. Mr H. was absent all day came in with them. I was sorry to see his gaiety, but know the cause of all false excitements. He teased Mr A. and I about my errors, I was displeased, do not like familiarity. Mr A was confused & so was I.
Julia went to pass the evening with Tone.
Mr H.’s spirits fled and he sank to sleep on the sofa.
I read the “Mothers recompense,” a most affecting book.
At ten all retired to bed, I waited for Julia’s return.
Mr Moulan called to.day, before dinner, was in good spirits & looked very well.