Tuesday. 18 March.1851. 19 Charlton Street N.Y

The storm continues, but with less violence.

I passed this quiet morning dusting out my dressers, and putting all things in order. Sent some papers and books to Mrs Smith, she was delighted to get them feeling very dull in her little room. Laid a short time on the bed, to rest my back
Mr H. came home glittering with diamonds. A beautifull pin in his bosom and ring on his fingers $ 3 __ He went to twenty eight street after dinner. I care little for jewelry on men, they need no finery. G. will soon tire of these brilliances, has given me two of his pins since our marriage.
Louis & Remsen commenced learning French to day. They returned from school with damp feet, the mud being very deep. Bought “[Teris candy]” for Remsen, he coughs terribly to night. Put his feet in hot water. Gave him Wild cherry syrup. Mr H. from home in the evening untill after ten. We could not get asleep until near twelve. I commenced with Julia on her duties to her brothers and compelled her to practice her Music. I sat with the boys untill nine .

Wednesday.19.March. 1851
Sun shineing, clouds blowing away. Mild air
The snow will soon disappear.
I kept Remsen from school took him out for a walk. We found the streets quite dry. Purchased Indian rubbers, slippers for him. Candy & chain for self. Returned through Broadway, many ladies promenading, the clouds uncertain. Mrs Bloodgood, came to try my “new de laine” I do not know if it will suit me, it seems so light.