Saturday. 29th March. 1851.
A fine lovely day. No dust.

Today my time will be
occupied. Took the boys to the tailors after breakfast, had
them measured for vests & pants for the party.
Purchased ribbon to trim my gold silk. Rested an hour.
Rode up to mothers, found her better, Henry in bed. Did not
go to his room. I sat an hour or two, listening to the com-
plaints of C. [Catharine] who unwell her self, is obliged to mind
and comfort all the others. Since my marriage, they
have been complaining, Henry has been failing
ever since. 16 years ago.
C. read me a very beautiful letter from Laura [Horace’s wife, Julia’s sister-in-law], full of love, and kindness. She evidently pines for N.Y. They
are all well and reconciled to “Key West”; but I do not
think they will stay there very long. H. [Horace] is in good health
and resumed his business of engineering.
Julia dined with her grandmother, came home for
Susan, they took a long walk in Broadway, Mr Cornell
joined them. They took tea with me, then went
back to Sue’s. Julia came home at ten tired out.
She called on Mrs Herns, saw little Addy, the Sincides
daughter. Went to see Mrs Carpenter, and Miss Tileston.
I put both my boys in the Bath, Remsen will
not wash clean, Louis is much more thorough.
A complaining letter from Marie H. She calls us selfish
for not writing her oftener. I deserve a different name,
always addressing her punctually. Mrs Berger called to see me.
and Mrs Darling.