Tuesday. 1st April. 1851 19 Charlton St. N.Y.

A lovely, mild day. Julia birth.day, she is fifteen.
I rested and made our preparations for the
evening party. The children in fine spirits. We dressed and
set off at seven oclock, stopped at mothers to display ourselves.
Sat a few moments, reached Mrs. S. in good time; early enough.
About fifty children and forty grown persons were assembled.
The scene was pretty, the house brilliant, the suppers excellent.
Julia was the only beauty in the room. She danced, kissed,
Mr. S. enjoyed his supper but had no good partner for the dance.
The music was fine. We left before twelve. Remsen looked
sweetly with his hair curled. Louis was in good taste also.
Every one admired Julia. She is tall, well formed, very fair
with regular features, a sweet mouth, sprightly manners.
Her mind is well informed, and her sentiment well expressed.
I hope her principles will be correct, and well carved out; flattery
may spoil her. She gets her full share of this incense.
She asks for her Present, but it is not forthcoming, my
purse is empty.
A five dollar gold piece from G. paid it to Ann for Lamp mat.