Saturday. 5th April. 1851.
Pleasant day.
Julia dressed for a walk, went for
boots from Middleton’s.
I went in to see Mrs Chenery after dinner, Susan sick in bed.
Julia came in also. I walked with Mr H. after dinner. Julia went with us.
In the morning went to Mc Caulys to get my bed & mattress put in new ticking & baked [backing] for fear of moth.



Sunday. 6th April. 1851.
Damp, showers, sunshine.

The rain prevented our going to church.
Julia took her brothers after dinner. Mr. H. had an engagement, left
home at three, returned before ten. I took a bath and siesta, was
troubled with weakness, my old enemy, back.ache.
I wrote to Maria Hasbrouck. Julia went to her uncle Eugene. Both long
*Epistle – A letter, especially a formal one.