Monday. 7th April. / 1851.
Lovely, and bright after the rain.
I set the girls to clean my front
bed.room, took up the carpet and washed it very thoroughly.
Sent my beds to the upholsterers; went after them to give directions. A charming air to breathe.
Miss Tileston, came in after dinner, missed Julia, I was obliged to go with her to find them. We reached the piano warehouse in

Canal St. and found the [run aways]. Rima, Mr. Cornell and Julia, they chose
a piano after, much fun and frolic. We returned home through Broadway.
The air blew cool, and the Spring bonnets looked too slight.
I was much fatigued in the evening, and sat sewing untill nine.
Then slept in the third story, was restless, Mr H. also, he does
not sleep as he once did. My nerves unstrung. A poor instrument.
G. comforts me by his strong powers of philosophy. He is accus
tomed to my fits of delicacy, but knows not the cause.
Remsens birthday, he is twelve years old.
A smart, handsome boy. A fine report from school, spoilt by
a Censure.
Tuesday. 8th April. 1851.
Dull clouds, rain threatens.
A weariness kept me in bed; I slept
after G. left the room; he kept me from unbroken slumbers.
Arose at nine oclock, took my breakfast tea & toast; felt
much better. Read a few chapters, then took this journal.
Sent my carpet to be shaken. Margaret wished to go out,
but I cannot spare her from the rooms. She is out of humour.
My face looks inflamed, I dread a worse complexion.
How dull the day is, rain is falling, every thing looks sad.
The buds are out in our neighbors yard on the Peach trees, ours will
soon bloom.
I wrote a long letter to Margaret, giving her the news.
My sitting room put in order. Paid five shillings for my carpet,
it was sprinkled by the rain.
I finished my second chemise to.night. Assisted Julia, write her
French composition on “Coriolanus”.
Returned before ten. Slept well.
A gust of wind to night. G. got caught in the showers.