Wednesday. 9th April. / 1851.
Charming after the rain. Sun shines unclouded.

How lovely this morning, the blue sky,
and clear atmosphere, charming indeed.
G. and I slept more profound in our new room. I was
awakened but once. Arose tolerably well, but my old [troubles]
unnerves me. Took a cold bath and a cold plunge.
Was chilled a few moments. Dressed for a walk, went to the
“Parade Ground”, from thence returned through Broadway. Felt so

much fatigue as to lie on the sofa, on my return. Chilly and
sleepy, laid in bed, slept but felt sick when I got up.
Went in the air, took an orange.
Told Garret how I felt, he says I must exercise in the Omnibus,
and take jelly every day. A pleasant remedy, but I am in
the hand of my Creator , and he will sustain me. Let me
not murmur if trouble comes.
I ate soup for my dinner. Julia could not relish “ mince”
Susan Chenery, came in to see us, she had been sick, but looks
better to day. Julia went to walk with Fanny Tileston.
I took a short promenade with “my dear G. segar [sic] & all.”
Remsen had his hair cut, looks much better.
The afternoons are long and pleasant.
My rooms in order, except the bedding.
I have been reading the life of “Phillip Dodrige” [sic] and his contemporaries by Foster, reviewed in our magazine.

Fanny took tea with us, and played on the piano beautifully.
She learnt a duet with Julia. Their music gave me pleasure,
and cured my feeling of lassitude.
Louis went home with Fanny. G was out untill near 11. oclo