Thursday. 10th April./1851.
A pleasant bright day

I rode to Chelsea early, did not
feel very strong, but did not complain. All invalids except C. [Catharine]
Maria hoarse from cold. Henry better, but in bed, unable to sit-up
from debility.
It worries me to see the change in my father, he had fallen into
old age so rapidly, his spirits are broken and countenance changed.
Pain and inflammation seem to have crushed the strong man.
It is grief to lose our parents in the prime of their days, but to
see them pine, and fade before our eyes, day after day, is a more
severe trial. We cannot stay the ravages of time, or prevent the
blights of disease, from destroying our best friends; but we can
by a thousand cares, lessen the glooms of old age.
Miss Moore; called in. I left before twelve.
Mrs. Smith called in the afternoon, she looks sick, and seemed
very stiff from cold in her neck. I feel for the “lonely mourner”.
Julia practiced her music
I took a bath. A fire broke out in the rear of the stable opposite
creating much noise in our street. I trembled from nervous
agitation, but was not afraid. Sat on Garrets lap to watch the
flames; they soon became extinguished.
We slept soundly, after the fright.
I sent a long letter to Margaret, to the Ridge.

Friday. 11th April. /1851.
Cool, and blustering.

Julia felt faint before riseing [sic]
this morning. I have thought her pale this week past. She looks
bilious. Gave her Camphor. She went to school, Annie carried
her books. I went up to Mrs Falconers, to get a thick straw.
Her bonnets are so expensive; nothing under $6. untrimmed.
I returned through Broadway, down Spring St. Found some
cheap bonnets. Did not purchase.
Remsen came from school with headache. Played around the yard.
Broiled chicken, very good to day. Julia dined hearty enough.
I sent a note, some papers, & books to nineteenth street by Ann.

I went around to see Mrs Smith- she had left for Williamsburgh.
The best plan, to be among her friends.
Garret had gone to promenade. Julia sits and reads.
The clouds look dark and portentous. Rain at hand.
I am dreading a sickness, have such chilling feelings and
deranged stomach.