Saturday. 12th /1851.
Clear, cool and unpleasant.
I moved my bed in my own room, was tired of going up in the third story.Julia came in to her breakfast by ten oclock.
Fanny came in for her to visit, they rode to Chelsea, from thence walked home.
Louis and Remsen would not go out with me, so I traveled alone to Broadway. Found it cold as winter. I walked with Mr. H. after dinner. Was chilled through.
Miss Fanny came to pass the afternoon with Julia.
The Etagere came home from Badoins , looks pretty, but is rather too heavy a piece of furniture for our rooms.
Mr. H. hung Maria’s portrait (see image on left) higher on the wall.
Miss Chenery, Marshall and Mr Teft came to pass the evening. I was disappointed in my music from the girls.
They attempted a dance and I trembled for my furniture.
Remsen sat in the room with the ladies. Louis preferred
reading with me in the basement.

Margaret complains of the work and seems to wish to leave.
She is out of humour this week.
Big ann looks pale and seems sluggish. I wish they
could exchange homes with some one that would suit me
better; or one’s [rather].
Mr.H. sprained his ankle, complains of stiffness.