Sunday. 13th April ./1851.

Cold, and unpleasant
My rest was broken during the night
by chills, and a dry mouth. Still my appetite is good.
I went to church with Louis and Remsen.
Julia went with Fanny to hear Mrs. Osgood. after dinner they went
to hear Mr Hutton.
I was miserable with cold feet during the service and thought
of leaving the church several times, but staid until the end.
Our sermon on “Judge not lest ye be judged” was very good, but
not elegant.
I went to bed in the afternoon, feel myself Bilious.
An impression, not to be doubted; bilious affectiones in the Spring.
Louis, Remsen, sat at home reading.
Mr H. slept until tea time; he did not go to Church
I took a warm bath to make me sleep sound; but after
all was restless. Perhaps the water was too hot, for health.
Margaret concluded to stay with us. I conversed with her in
the evening. She has recovered her good humour. Margaret
is a good cook, baker, mother and ironer besides being neat as
possible. She is first rate at cake, pies and preserves.