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Monday. 14 April. /1851.
Cool and clear. Some clouds in the sky
Julia goes off to school, in the hopes of
getting a premium. G. too unjust to his boys, I dread the effect on Louis. Remsen often feels it, and resents any thing unmerited. Louis is peculiar, cold and unsociable in his manner, but his heart may be hospitable to kindness.
Remsen, Julia, his father destroy many good germs, which I am certain could be cultivated. Ridicule and contempt are poor weapons for improvements.
Walked to Middletons, with a pair of boots, returned
them and was measured over. Took a pair of shoes.
Bought two yds ribbon from Sherwood. He showed me his new goods. Oranges. A shillings worth.

Julia came from school with her hopes fulfilled. A premium.
Mr H. came in to dinner, handed me my bill of fur-
niture from Badoins paid. Has bought a corner etigher [sic] $100
because it is so pretty. We have enough furniture in our
parlours, they look very rich and elegant, but had I known
G. thought of this corner ornament, I would have purchased the
large one. Julia likes mine the best of the two.
I walked with her after dinner, was chilly and glad to
get home by the fire. She went to Fanny Woods.

Tuesday. 15 April. /1851.
A storm commencing.
My family remain in
good health. Remsen, had a small boil on the back of his
neck. I poulticed it, as he complains of pain.
I went over the house very smart this morning.
Had my closet, and Julia’s cleaned out, put away our summer
winter garments. Scattered camphor in the closets.
My big velvet chair full of moth, must send it to be
G. came home, went to bed, this weather makes him dull.
He cannot be amused by books or any thing but cigars.
They make him cough, and grow thin.
My sons are very fond of books; and Julia asks no other
treat; we can pass a rainy day with out gloom or ““ennui” .
But all are not of the same spirit.
Mr. Badoin sent for our broken furniture to repair.
Chair, two tables, and Music Stand.
No one had admired my new adornments yet; we have
had but few calls this Spring.
Julia cannot go to see Fanny, it rains very hard.
G. displeased me reading an improper book,
before our three “argus eyed” children. He is decidedly head strong.
I went to my room after sewing an hour.
Took a warm bath to day.