Thursday 17 April /1851
The storm still continues to rage.
I am house bound, so
will attend to my house affairs. Emptied my silver closet,
and had it thoroughly washed; put it in good order.
Mr. H. read Copperfield in the afternoon. I wrote a long note
to Catharine to send to morrow.
Prepared one dozen [shirts] for the boys to be written when the
sun shines propitious.

Friday. 18 April. /1851.
Good Friday. Clouded, no rain

We thought of going to church, but it
looked so damp, and my palate felt rather inflamed, we
concluded to remain at home.
Julia took a bath, then went to sit with Jane in the basement.
At twelve she went to see Fanny, who returned to dinner with her on
Oysters & peach pie. Susan came in, they all went out to
I went alone to Mr. M’cauly’s to enquire after my beds. He
promised them to morrow.
Took another walk after dinner alone. The air damp, and
full of rain, so my promenade was short.
Louis and Remsen troubled me to day. I complained to their
father. Fire works, breaking windows and going to the neighbors
against my orders.
Ferdinand took tea with us, he had business in
our neighborhood. gave me particulars about H. & L. He
dislikes both, and no doubt has cause. I know no particulars
but think they will trouble the family in future. “Bell” was dining
with her mother, I wished for her pleasant chat.
Mr. H. dressed himself in a new suit of clothes
Green scotch plaid pants, Green coat- every thing to match,
Looked very fine and well.
Moth flew in my room to day, from the big Chair.