Saturday. 19 April. /1851. 19 Charlton St. New York

Rain still pours down in torrents. A gloomy day
The children did like this dull Saturday.
Julia is in distress, all her plans frustrated, cannot go to Fannys,
a second disappointment from Rain this week. My boys very
good to day, full of jokes and fun at Julia’s expense. She laughs at their drollery, and thinks her soubriquets very expressive. Her
only consolation was an “immense piece of roast beef “which dis-
appeared in large slices before her admiring eyes and mouth; not
to mention a huge dish of potatoes and gravy following suit.
A morning passed in regrets, and one of Coopers novels is now
to be made amends for by the exertion of a letter to “Aunt Maria H.”
I sent the big chair down stairs, fear its
inhabitants the moth.
Had all my sweet meats boiled over and put in fresh jars.
Emptied the bureau, had it washed and put in order.
Mended an immense pile of woolen socks; terrible to behold.
Finished my note to C. Sent it with some papers to Chelsea
by Margaret. Louis offered but I would not send him in
the rain.
My back aches and throat is a little inflamed at the palate.
G. has just arrived, did not dine with us; makes terrible
faces at me, because I will not show this scratching.
I have not slept to day.
Remsen, [C__t] boil has healed; his greatest complaints at pres-
ent is an affusion of naughty words, principally directed to
his oldest brother. This is a sad disease as I fear it _______
in a callous heart; I try in vain to check this unpleasant
disorder of the affections.
Margaret brought me a note from Catharine.
Henry is better, and she is encouraged to think him safe.
Pa suffers very much from his rheumatism, this storm has
affected him.
Sunday. 20th April. 1851.
The storm continues, clouds break away but not
for any length of time.

We keep the house and read
I am engaged on Dodndge’s [sic] Rise & Progress.
Julia is reading Miss Hannah Moore’s “Ceolebs [sic] in search of a Wife”.
My head ached, but I eat Pigeons for breakfast & dinner.
G. and Louis take a long walk after dinner.
Julia wrote to her Aunt Maria; a long letter.

Monday. 21st April. /1851.
Rain in the morning. Clear Sun.set.

This long and dangerous storm
has spent its fury; many lives have been lost; and
much damage experienced on the coast.
Julia went to dine with her Grandmother, set off
in the rain, from there will go to Fanny’s, to tea.
I received a letter from Eugene, sent it to mother by “Sis”.
Garret came in to dinner “ruffled by the weather”
Thought I was crazy to let Julia go out, and relieved his
mind of many unpleasant impressions. I bear them
with stoicisms.
This afternoon and evening became clear.
Julia returned at half past eleven. Mr. VanZant, escorted her
to the door.
I was in bed, but could not sleep; felt nervous and worried.

Julia ____ Shirts for her brothers. One dozen.
Soaked my feet for head ache.
Louis, went fir eggs, oranges & dates.