Wednesday. 23.rd April . /1851.
A lovely spring day.

I do not feel like making
any great exertion to day.
Walked out twice for health.

Thursday. 24. April. /1851.
Pleasant day.

I put my basket in order
Caught some flying moth.
Walked up Hudson St. with G. rode home; pain in my
back and loins.
Sent a bundle of paper & books to Henry. A note from C.

Friday. /1851.
A fine day; very warm

Dr Hasbrouck [Garret’s brother] arrived from
Philadelphia in the evening; looks very well.
Stumbled on the kitchen stairs, and tore his pants. Garret
asleep on the sofa, had been asleep since six oclock.
Julia in bed and I undressed.
I finished “Time the Messenger” to day, think it excellent.
I rode to see Mrs Van Nest, sat an hour, went to
Mrs. B’s found her moveing [sic]. rode home
Went to Mrs. Falconer’s, Julia ordered the bonnet. white
shirred, with flowers.