Sunday. 27.th /1851
A fine day. But damp at intervals
We all went to Church; a good sermon.
“On the early conversion of children”; I sat condemned, but much interested.
We returned home, and the Dr admired the discourse. G was silent, he always raises the subject of reform.
I went to walk with Julia, after dinner
The Dr left in the Cars.
Mr Monlon, paid us a visit. He looks well.




Monday. 28th April. /1851.

A clear day, but the air feels damp.
I kept Remsen from school.
His neck full of small boils.
We walked out, went to Loine’s, bought bologne, cream of
Tarter & Sulphur.
I treated him to Ice cream. 12.
Bought shoes at Millers for myself. 6 shill.
Met Mrs [Tilgow], had a long chat with her. she look[s] quite
Went out with Julia after dinner, stopped in at Millers,
took jelly and an orange ice. returned home. Left Julia
with Fanny T.
Sank in my chair from fatigue. G. came home, I petted
him too much.
Remsen wrote to John Hasbrouck.

Tuesday 29 April /1851
Dull clouds in the sky. Cool
Louis’ mattress came home restuffed.
Took a fine tepid bath.
Catharine Lynch called, wished me to speak for her to a lady.
Mrs Tearing came, I hope she will take her, poor thing.
Said all I could in her favour; she will do her duty I hope.
Maria came into dinner, looks thin and sallow.
Henry and Pa both complaining; They are affected by the
changes of weather. I sent a paper by Maria. We dressed
and walked in Broadway, it was damp and cold.
A bow from the Col. His eyes were fixed on Julia.
I returned home, left Julia to go up to a stage with Maria.
Fanny Tileston came in first after my arrival.
Susan also, to take their last tea with us. Mr Christian
passed the evening, he escorted Fanny home.
Mr H. gave me twenty dollars to get a dress for Julia.
but it was too late for us to shop, we post poned our trip.
G. tied up his vines, and went to bed; but we kept him
awake by our loud talking.