Friday. 2nd May. /1851.

A fine day. no rain

Louis & Remsen have holiday
but one school day this week.
The horses David & Charly came home this morning from
the Ridge. both in fine order.
Mr H. and Louis tried Charly. he goes well.
Julia went to Mrs Boodgood’s after dinner with her
dress; took tea with her grandmother; came home at dusk.
Nanny and Bridget came to see us; both in good spirits.
I had been thinking of Bridget an hour before; She revives
old times, and all comes to me in thought; if I feel unwell.
Big Ann went to a funeral at twelve to.day.
I went with Remsen to look at a boat which he is sick to
purchase. He wants me to lend him one dollar but I
think his wants foolish, as he has three boats already.
Purchased a pair of Cuffs, strip of wool, and ribbon 14. shillings.
Julia seems dull and pale, I do not know what is the cause.
She says she feels well; but no doubt sighs for gaiety.
We are dull just now.