Saturday. 3rd May. /1851.
Sunshine clouds and showers
I set out to make some visits Julia slept untill ten, but dressed in time to go with me. We rode to Mrs Livingstone’s, Mrs [Gei’s], left our cards, both out. Stopped in at Mrs Sayer’s; Julia ate some Cake.
We called on the Miss Bailey’s, all out but Miss Mary, she was engaged. Stopped at Mrs Anelli’s, had a pleasant visit.
Looked at his pictures, the bride very pretty.
I went to bed at two oclock, slept untill dinner time.
G. and Louis, rode out to the Mansion, after dinner, it rained several times untill five oclock.
Julia, and I rode up to mothers, found it very cool & damp. Staid to tea, sat around a small table, mother & Marie the only members of the family visible. Pa left the room with pain to lie down on his bed, did not wish to see any one; as my

visit was partly to him, I thought he might have exchanged a few
kind words; but among so many children, the affections become
lost to those who are absent.
Since my marriage, he has had nothing to trouble, or give him one
moments solicitude for my welfare. on the contrary my husband
has given me the power of doing him many kindnesses.
Not one cent has been bestowed on me; while some of his children
are very dependent on his small means. This is a relief to
me, as I should dislike to disturb his declining years; or ask
for pecuniary aid. I am afraid too much pride is my only
inheritance; but [it] must be kept in subjection.
Henry is still in bed, not, much improved; poor
Catharine, keeps his room and does not leave her post. She is
not very well either; did not come down to see me, or even send
me a message.
Mother looks quite well, and keeps her spirits wonderfully. Has
had letters from H. [,] Laura, and Eugene. All well.
Ferdinand came in after tea on business for Pa, seemed
tired out, has been removing his store.
Miss Hornblower sat, an hour looks as usual very clever.
Louis, came in to escort us home, we left before nine.
Some time before a stage came up.
I took Henry some drops, and the Herold.
Found G. snug in the fire on my return.
I was nervous, and could not sleep well, the sick at home
excited my nerves.
My mouth dry and bitter.