Thursday. 8th May. /1851.
Warm, and like summer.
I took my bath, thought of going to the “Bible anniversary”, but was unwilling to set off alone.
Sarah, a coloured woman who had lived with Grandmother R. sat but an hour, talking of old times. She and I were brides together,
but she has worn better than I.
Maria, came in Sarah did not know her, she had changed so much. She sat untill dinner hour, left for Isabella’s. Complained of their sick house, so confining to her.
G. bought a dinner to suit me[;] chickens & ham, spinach. Mrs Chenery, came in just as I sat down, much to my regret; but I could not refuse to see her. She looks delicate, and complains of gout in her joints. Susan had arrived at her
school; and sent her love to us, wished Julia to write her a letter.
I passed my evening alone in a brown study.
Mr H. went to enjoy his cigar and moonlight night.
I walked down Broadway about two oclock
to buy fringe for Julia and belt ribbon. 14 shillings. The sun very
hot, I was uncomfortable.