Saturday. 10th May. 1851.

Close, sultry day. The heat is oppressive I went to
Spring St. bought a course straw trimmed $5.’ Returned home
overcome with the sun’s rays. Julia went to Mrs B.s, brought
home her new silk, it is beautifull and sets well; too light for
service. She looks thin, and feels the heat, poor child, it is
too soon to complain.
Showers, prevented us from visiting after dinner. I am
wrong Julia went with me to Mrs Leggett’s, and we left word
for the old people, about our board. Mrs L. enciente. [pregnant]
It sprinkled on our return.

Sunday. 11th May. /1851.
A fine day, still warm
We all went to church, and I
felt tolerably well for me as my strength is not great.
“Almost thow persuadest me to be a christian” again the
subject, and Mr Hutton put it home to every heart, in the
most solemn manner. What decision did we make, to
give ourselves to God, or the world. I inwardly determine
to choose God, as he is my only helper and friend. With
the influences of his holy spirit, and the intercessons [sic] of
my Saviour, my sinfull soul may hope for Salvation.
I remained at home after dinner, as Mr Swhevin
and his little boys came to see us. He wished to find
board in the Country for our two families, or rather that
G should look for both.
Jane went to church with Julia, they met Mr Cornell,
he returned with them, and made a visit to Julia.
I walked with G. up Hudson St. it blew very damp.
A heavy rain in the evening.