Monday. 12th May. 1851 19 Charlton St.

A day of clouds, and sprinkles.
I went in the third story to
arrange the bed rooms. Was in a terrible dishabille.
Catharine surprised me by a long visit, she seems
well, and lively after he long confinement; and spent
two hours very pleasantly. then returned to her
charge. C. told me to prepare for Miss Hornblower,
Miss Talbot, and Maria. Charles Woodruff, and Mr Lavage
were the beaux.
I took a bath, and went to bed; did not sleep; my
bones ached and face looked badly.
G. went to ride with Louis.
Julia went up to try a school dress of barrage de laine.
She was merry enough in the evening and kept the company from falling asleep. They left at ten.
I wrote to Margaret to.day, told her of Jenny Linds arrival.

Tuesday. 13. May. 1851.

Extremely hot; showers afternoon & evening. Everyone suffered today.
The arrival of President Fillmore and cabinet, call out all the troops, and fill the streets with lookers on. It is a great gala, to welcome him, on his way to the Erie
Canal celebration. I do not mix with the crowd.
Went to Mr Dunlap’s for a gardener.
Jane gave Julia a lilac, how sweet its perfumed. G. took Louis to ride, they left mass for Henry.
G. slept on the sofa untill bed time, I could not arouse him from his stupor. All went to bed and left him, asleep; Margaret sent him to bed. I was sad, serious and
perhaps ungentle; this all gives trouble, but who can
control inward aversions; to the poison of both body & soul.
I sent a letter to Maria H. to.day.
Julia dark and pale, she seems very inactive.