Thursday. 15. May. 1851.
A fine day. Neither too warm or too cool.
I put all the bed rooms in order,
and went out to walk. Mr H. invited me to ride, but a pain
in my bones kept me at home, I persuaded him to call
for pa, but he was not well enough to see him, having taken
morphine, to lull him to sleep. G. returned, and walked down
Broadway with me, we stopped in to look at Mantilla’s. I could
not see anything to suit my taste. Returned home very
tired from weakness, took a stage before getting home.
Undressed and went to bed. just as I fell into a dose, the
bell rang and Mr [Boss] with C and Maria came in to call.
I jumped up, dressed in haste and went down to receive them.
Mr B is good looking, pleasant and gentlemanly, he is a friend
of Eugenes, at Savannah, a prespeterian [sic] clergyman there.
Our hour would have passed off pleasantly, but the entrance
of the Dr and wife gave an interruption to our merriment.
They were as usual, Anna quite fleshy, and animated; but
Sterry [Julia’s brother, see genealogy section] much emaciated looking alarmingly thin and pale.
He has been ill for some time this winter, and his symptoms
similar to Henrys. A raising of some fluid. no doubt
from the lungs. I am so thankfull he has a wife to take
care of him. His boys are both stout and hearty. This visit
made me feel melancholy, as another invalid is added
to the long list in the family.
I tried to sleep a few moments before dinner after they
all left me, but my mind was brooding and sad.
The collation of cake, wine & lemonade was a great treat
to my guests.
Our dinner was late and ere we finished [.] a carriage drove
up, with Margaret, Benjamin and John [Garret’s family from Stone Ridge]. They came in the day. boat, all looking very fat, & well M in particular.
Time passed on slowly until tea time. B. went to ride
with G. I entertained Margaret.
She gave me the news of the Ridge.