Friday. 16. May. 1851.
Lovely day.
I went to shop with M. did
not feel well, had been very wakefull, and nervous thru the
night. Garret, disturbs me [;] he is too restless, and jumps
about the bed, startling me from my slumbers.
But I must exert myself.
M. rode around the city with Garret. M. B. & Julia went
to Fanny Linds Concert in the evening. We dressed up M.
and made her look quite handsome.
John and the boys, went to the “Fellons minstrels
I sat alone in the basement room; G. walked out.
Ann rubbed my limbs with whiskey. They ached slightly.
Julia went in to see Mrs Chenery, Took Susan’s letter to read to her. A very pretty affectionate letter for Sue.
A gardener commenced our flower bed to.day, left at 12.
Remsen bought a dog, did not go to school.