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Saturday. 17. May. /1851.
Warm, with showers before noon.
I felt quite well this morning
but ran up and down stairs, untill my strength was lost.
Julia dressed and went up to see Mrs Swherin, the rain com.
pelled her to stay untill dinner time with her, they had a
snug little dinner. She then went to her Grandmother’s;
Mr Ross had left them for home. The invalids the same.
I went to Hudson St. with M. She made some
purchases, we were caught in the rain, and staid an hour
at Mrs Stephen’s, she lent me some shoes & a shawl; to get home.
Our dinner was fine, but the guests did not eat much.
G. was so irritable and overbearing, I was ashamed of him;
he often gets these turns, before strangers. Lobster, & brandy
are not cooling to the nerves; and he partakes largely.
My pies, puddings, and pine.apples, were almost untouched.
A monkey amused them by coming in the window
to pick up pennies.
At four we all got in the carriage and went to the boat.
met Mr Abeal. Left them; Johnny in tears, he could not
say good bye to any one. poor child; he wanted to stay.
Louis, & G. went to ride.
Julia wrote to Susan, I went to the Parade ground, came
home tired & heated by the exertion. Laid on my bed, untill
tea time.
Had our front door varnished, and window mended on the
back stoop.
Ann sick, to night.
I laid awake until after twelve oclock. troubled by
a silent sorrow of the mind.