Sunday 18. May. 1851.

A warm rain; falling gently
We are all at home, the
rain keeps us from Church.
Garret complains of a heavy feeling in his stomach.
He ate too much Lobster, and too much seasoning yesterday,
I knew he would be sick to.day. Now comes the strict
diet, and refrain from excitements. from compulsion, not

Monday. 19 May. 1851.
Very sultry
Mr H. purchased
some ornaments for the Etigher. Marble vases, and
Went in the waggon [sic] to bring them home from the
auction room. In the evening bought china figures,
and white ornaments. Does not feel well to.day; he
still feels the load on his stomach.

Tuesday. 20th May. 1851.
A fine day.
I busied myself washing the ornaments
and arranging them. Mr H. bought a fresh supply to.
day. Some beautifull pictures; female faces painted on
Mr Teft and Jane passed the evening with Julia.