Wednesday. 21st May.  1851.

A fine day
I employed myself about the house
to day. Rode with G. after dinner to the Abbey, my first
ride this season. Was little fatigued, but very cool and ner.
vous, this will soon wear off by riding often.
The pain in my limbs, continued to diminish.
Louis came from school sick, remained at home, to play.


Thursday 22nd May. 1851.
Warm pleasant day.

Loui’s, he is now fourteen, tall, well
proportioned, good. looking, and more polished than he has been.
I hope he will improve more in the next year, as there
is great room, his capabilities seem good, but his application,
and self governments are defective.
Julia rode to “nineteenth St”, with me after
dinner. Henry & father better. Met Mrs Willard, and Platt.

Friday 23rd May. 1851.
Charming day.
“Mon Ami”  more amiable to day. I kept the house today, felt
weak from the least exertion; or perhaps slothfull.
Good humour is infectious, and welcome to me in G.
He is capricious, and could not be satisfied with a Saint
unless willing to give up all that was Saintly.