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Saturday. 24th May. 1851.

Cool, and blustering.
Julia went to Brooklyn,
with Miss Linden, to see Josephine. She dined with
her Aunt Bell, and brought them up to tea with her.
I rode to in the stage to Broadway; bought lace to trim
my [barrage] dress.

Sunday 25th May 1851
Cool, pleasant day.
We all went to Church.
A sermon for the education society.
Mr Monlon called after tea, left a [cigar?] for Julia.
I walked with G. after tea.

Monday. 27th May. 1851.
Lovely day.
I rode out to Woodlawn after breakfast,
a charming ride, laid down after my return home.

Am washing the windows in the third story.
Mr H. took down all the Curtains; I did not ride to.day.
Julia went.

Tuesday. 28th
Rode to Woodlawn, after breakfast
a lovely time, took Lemon.ade.
Passed the day in sewing and sleeping.
Washing second story windows. Julia rode with her
father to Kingsbridge.
Eliza Leggett, & Caroline, took tea with me, Willy came for them.
Eliza gives me permission to come up this summer, I
hope to go. It is near and pleasant