Wednesday. 28th May. 1851.

A fine day, but very sultry.
I went out to market before
the heat of the, [day] bought pinks, geraniums and seed to plant.
Put them in the ground. Jacky broke my flowers off.
Took tea at mothers, found them very cool in thin
dresses. Saw Henry, for the first in nine weeks, he
looks very thin and expectorates very often.
Pa seems a little better. more like himself. Would
treat us to brandy peaches. My bitter mouth, keeps
me in constant dread.
We rode home alone, Julia any thing but pleasant to
jaunt with. She is changed; but not for the better.
G. took Louis to ride; Louis was unwell to. day.
The heat prostrates him entirely.
Mrs Brown in full dress, came this afternoon to pay
a visit.
I went to Mrs Falconer’s, ordered my bonnet. Straw on
Thursday. 29th May. 1851.
Clouded morning, rain.
I rode with G. after break-
fast, the dust annoying.
The girls commenced the parlours to clean. finished
them before night.
I put the Etageres in order. Our broken furniture returned
from Badoines; in good order. Sold old platters & Cages.
and table. $3.50.
Friday. 30th May. 1851.
Dull and damp sky. fires necessary.
I am not in good order, my digestion
seems at fault; nothing tastes as it ought to do, bitter mouth.
Cleaning the hall
I shelled peas for dinner. A letter from Maria H.
She has not received my letter. Does not say when she
will come. Spent the evening by the basement.
Commenced “Miles Wallingford.” fine.