Sunday. 1st of June. 1851. 19 Charlton St.

Cool, showering, and blustering.
The first of summer, we can
sit by the fire, and my de laine dress is not too warm.
Mr H. went to Yonkers; with Mr Shwerin, they set
off in the morning, and returned before tea. I do not approve
of Sunday excursions; but said nothing to displease.
Went to Church with the children, Our Sermon
on the tenth commandment; “thou shalt not covet”.
The weather kept me from going again, besides feel.
ing drowsy, and dull. Laid two hours, slept, my mouth
dry and tongue furred.
Julia wrote a composition, on the “Bright Side”.
It was twelve oclock, before I slept, after going to bed
G. restless, untill that hour.