Saturday. 31st 1851 May.

Clear and cool. The last day of Spring.
We all slept late
but took our breakfast at the usual hour.
Mr H gave me $15. to purchase a silk dress.
Julia went with me to shop. I selected a dress from
[Bout______] in Canal St. Pea green & purple. $1 the yard.
Rode to Martels in “Maiden Lane”, had Julia” hair parted
and dressed, mine also. He adviced [sic] to wash our head
with Castile Soap. Use Ox Marrow occasionally. Paid $1.50 cts.
Stopped at Thompson’s took Jelly, ice cream, cake. [J. B. J].
Went to Rykman’s, measured for boots, took shoes.
I rode home tired out, she went up to Fanny Woods,
and Miss Clarks. Took my nap.
Mr H. brought me 1 doz. pair stockings for J & self.
1 doz. for each of the boys, and himself.
Maria came in to dinner, talks of going
to Monmouth.
Henry and Pa both complaining yesterday; the damp
weather affect both.
Mr H. took Julia, Fanny Wood, and Maria to
ride, there is no room for me; he wished me to go
After their departure, I dressed and went to see
Matilda in Amity St. 88. She is presently settled with
Mrs Anigers; and very happy. I stopped to see Bridget;
she was out. Walked home through Broadway.
Louis & Remsen keep down stairs, I wish they
would come & walk with me, but they are difficult
to manage.
Julia and her father returned from their ride to tea.
Had a lovely time, Fanny Wood, daughter; G. treated to ice cream.
I took a Warm bath.