Monday. 2nd June. 1851.
Clear, and delightfull.
We did not hear
the bell. My appetite better for breakfast.
G paid our boot bill, 16$. Enormous extravagance. Julia
is terrible in boots or shoes.
I wrote to Maria H. an invitation to come down to the
city. The house very still, I like profound quiet.
I rode with Garret to “Claremont”, dusty riding.
Monday. 3rd June. 1851.

A lovely day.
My morning passed rapidly.
Mrs. B. came to try my dress, brought her little boy.
She thinks too much of everything but her work.
Mrs Wells paid me a visit; fades very much:.
G. took us all to ride in the big waggon, I enjoyed
my ride, and ran around “Claremont”. Louis, and
Remsen are both troublesome in the carriage.
We called at mothers, on our return, saw the pale
faces of Pa and Henry. Mother too is pale. C. thinks
them better. Henry comes down in the parlour.
Julia’s Watch came home, chain mended, and all in order.