Wednesday. 4th June. 1851.
Cool, fine day rather blustering.
We arose early, I slept badly.
Prepared for Sing Sing. I went reluctantly, but G. com.
pelled me to exert myself. Left in the 8 oclock
train. Our ride up was very agreeable, and the river
air, gave me new energies. Mr and Mrs Swherin
were in a different car, Mr Swain went up with us.
We rode to his house, and I was agreeable surprised to
find it both neat and convenient. Mrs Swain is
clever and receives us pleasantly. She gave us sponge
cake, and milk. Mr H. liked the spot, but I think
it small and rough. He thinks the brook will suit
the boys. Mrs Swhein did not seem to admire the
place thought it too unfinished for her boys, as
they are small.
From there we went to see the Leggetts, were very
cordially received. Every thing looked as usual.
The old lady in bed feeble, with a sore leg.
We took milk and cake again, our appetites getting better
the more we laughed and talked. G. flirted with all
the girls and made them shake their fat sides.
Mr H. engaged our rooms on the way home. Our
ride was prolonged to see the place of a Mr Horner.
Then they would take a family for the summer; the
view of the river was lovely. The cars were full, on
our return, warm and dusty. We arrived safe before
three oclock. The children were surprised to see me
so soon, and full of curiosity to hear all about my jaunt.
I enjoyed my dinner, and then went to bed, takeing [sic]
G. for rest. Slept an hour. My mouth seems more
natural in taste, and my food has more flavour.

Thursday. 5th June. 1851.
Cool, morning & evening, sultry in the mid.day.
I rode up to see about my dress, tried
on the waist, it seems to suit. from there walked to ma’s
forgot Julia’s watch, went back to get it. Rode up to 19 St.
Sat an hour Returned fatigued, went to bed. Slept an hour.
Mother & C promised to take tea with me, I sent for cake
to Mrs Sayers.
Catharine came in late, and alone mother gave out, the
damp air gave her pain. We passed a fine time
together, had a charming tea table.
Our Strawberries were large and perfect, the first we have
G took my Watch to be regulated, she is slow and stops.