Friday. 6th June. 1851.

Very warm morning, rain fell before 10 oclock. P.M.
Maria and Cate arrived this morning from
the Ridge; both looking thin and tanned.
I did not look for her untill next week; but supposed all is for the best.
Wrote a composition for Louis; Julia’s cried for one too but I could not indulge her laziness.
Maria and Cate went to hunt a bonnet, I did not volunteer my aid. I went to Broadway, purchased ribbon to trim my green silk; came home heated.
The Dr dined with us; on fish, peas & asparagus, Strawberries fine. Beef steak very good. He left for the Ridge before night.
Julia came from school in smiles, went out with her Aunt M. to purchase a bonnet.
I took the green fluted ribbon to Mrs B. found her
sick and grunting. Rode home in fear of rain.
G. went early to bed. He has not been himself for three weeks. Cannot indulge in anything stimulating, sticks to cold water, and tobacco.