Sunday. 8th June. 1851.
Cold, damp day.
G. took the boys to church; but
we thought it too damp. I went to Mr Pott’s church
in the afternoon, left Maria and Julia there, returned home
with Remsen.
Rain fell in the evening.
Churches, thin

Monday. 9th June. 1851.
Warm, and sultry.
I went to shop with
Julia, purchased a muslin at Stewerts. $5. for her. Came
home exhausted, laid on the bed untill tea hour was over.
Mr H. gave me $30 to get summer dresses. for J. & self.
My weakness rises from [my] back, this will bring me to
my grave, it is incurable.

Tuesday 10th June 1851
A fine day.
We went to Chelsea, sat an hour
Pa. and Henry had been to ride, but fatigued.
We went to “Claremont” in the afternoon,
Charly, alarmed me, he is so full of life and oats.
I was thankfull to get safe home, feel very tired
on this crowded road.