Saturday. June. 21st 1851.

Very sultry and oppressive.
I did not wish to stir
from my chair to.day. Maria, talked of Staten Island,
but gave up the idea.
Julia took a bath, and copied her Composition.
I walked with Cate, and Mr H. to Canal St, bought two
little baskets for Rhetty & Isabell. A monkey for Cate.
Came home tired.
Julia & Maria went to Mrs [Jaffreys]; she is in the country.
Mr Berger; and wife, two daughters passed the evening
with us. The day is too warm for comfort.

Sunday. 22nd June. 1851.
Extremely close.
I did not go to Church
untill evening. Maria, took the children. G. kept at
home, without cause, as heat does not affect him.
We heard Mr Bellows in the evening.

Monday. 23rd June. 1851.
A friend spoke so kindly.

Heat and showers
Catharine paid us a short
visit; her parents better. Maria, left for the Ridge after
dinner, we all went to the Boat with her. Remsen teased
Cate to the last moment.
Theodore Berger, came in to bid her farewell.
Julia took a long ride with her father.